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I, (Name of the Authorized signatory) , Son/ Daughter/ Wife of Shri. (Name of Father/Husband) the Authorized Signatory of M/s (Name of the Institute) do hereby take oath and state on solemn affirmation as under that:


  • 1. the Institute possess the requisite Software, Hardware, Faculty and other resources, as per norms, for the grant of permission for the conduct of the Digital Literacy Courses at its premises;
  • 2. all the facts/ figures/ information/ contents given thereon in this application is correct, complete and omitting no material information;
  • 3. the information submitted with this application is for the purpose of ascertaining eligibility of institute for grant of status of Facilitation Centre to conduct Digital Literacy Courses;
  • 4. NIELIT may, by means it deems appropriate, determine the accuracy of the information in this application and I authorize any person/ committee/ agency deployed so by NIELIT to contact any entity, individual, company, person(s) mentioned in the application for the purpose of verifying the information supplied;
  • 5. I understood that refusal to permit such verification as stated at para-4 above, shall be ground of denial/ withdrawal of status of Facilitation Centre;
  • 6. I shall abide by the Terms and Conditions in words and spirit and shall be responsible for the same on behalf of the institute.

Under the Accreditation Scheme of NIELIT, computer-training institutes in the non-formal sector, meeting well-defined criteria, are granted accreditation for specified levels of courses offered under it viz. O (Foundation) Level, A (Advanced Diploma) Level, B Level (Equivalent to MCA) and C Level (Equivalent to M.Tech). The objective of the Scheme is to develop qualified manpower in IT by utilizing the expertise and resources available with the non-formal computer training institutes.